Our 2018-2022 Strategic Plan


Stakeholder Input

To assist in identifying priorities and areas of regulatory focus for the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, the MFDA engaged in extensive consultation with all of our internal and external stakeholders. Focus groups were held with all levels of MFDA staff and management; interviews were conducted with the MFDA Board of Directors, senior representatives of the Canadian Securities Administrators (“CSA”), industry and investor associations; and the direct input of MFDA Members was received through a Member Survey. We also reviewed the strategic plans of securities regulators within Canada and globally to identify trends and emerging issues.

Feedback Themes and Priorities

MFDA senior management reviewed and considered the comments and suggestions of stakeholders and identified the following themes, key priorities and areas of focus for the new Strategic Plan:

  • Support Member technological innovation and emerging business models
  • Identify and respond to cybersecurity risks
  • Collaborate with Members, other regulators and investors to ensure responsible and effective regulation
  • Ensure MFDA standards are relevant, appropriate and avoid unnecessary regulatory burden
  • Engage with other regulators to promote greater harmonization and consistent standards to protect investors
  • Support a healthy and diverse distribution channel while responding to investor needs
  • Enhance Member education and guidance
  • Strengthen advisor proficiency and professionalism
  • Ensure efficient and cost effective regulatory operations
  • Provide tools and resources to promote informed decision making by investors