The purposes of the Corporation are:

  1. to encourage through self-regulation a high standard of conduct among members and to adopt, and enforce compliance with, such practices and requirements as may be necessary and desirable to maintain such standard in the interests of members, their clients and the public;
  2. to regulate members and persons who are or were shareholders, partners, directors, officers, or employees of members or who may be approved by, or attorn to the jurisdiction of, the Corporation (such shareholders, partners, directors, officers and employees and other persons being referred to herein as “Approved Persons”) in accordance with the by-laws and rules of the Corporation or as may be authorized or permitted pursuant to securities legislation;
  3. to establish requirements for membership in the Corporation and approval of Approved Persons and to monitor and enforce compliance with such requirements, including without limitation, the imposition of disciplinary measures and sanctions for non-compliance;
  4. to make and enforce such by-laws and rules as may be required to regulate the business affairs of the Corporation, members and Approved Persons in accordance with these objects;
  5. to investigate, mediate and arbitrate or otherwise resolve grievances between the public, members or Approved Persons;
  6. to establish, sponsor or maintain a compensation or protection fund or plan for clients of members and to contribute to or assess members for contributions to such fund or plan;
  7. to facilitate members conferring among themselves on matters of common concern and to undertake collective consultation and co-operation with governments, regulators, other organizations and the public; and
  8. for the attainment of the above objects and as incidental and ancillary thereto, to exercise any of the powers as prescribed by the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act or any other statues or laws applicable from time to time.