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Nigel Carpenter, CNE

Nigel CarpenterNigel Carpenter, CNE

Chief Technology Officer

Nigel joined MFDA in April 2016, He oversees all aspects of the MFDA’s Information Technology department, supporting current MFDA technological and business requirements. As CTO he is responsible for the security, delivery and lifecycle of all information systems and the data they contain. As CTO he is responsible for developing corporate policies and internal controls to ensure an effective environment to protect IT assets and safeguard the integrity, confidentiality and availability of information in the possession and control of the MFDA. He is primarily responsible for developing the technology strategies aligned to MFDA’s strategic plans. As CTO, he also provides expert counsel and guidance to the board of directors on cyber security and technology and its impact on the organization.

Nigel brings the MFDA almost 30 years of experience as a senior technology executive, with past leadership roles responsible for Human Resources and Facilities departments. Nigel has more than 10 years of direct health care experience in mental health, research, advocacy and health centre management at public and private organizations, as well as board director roles at the Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres and as Vice-Chair at Wellfort Community Health Centres.