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Brett Konyu

Director, Member Education and Membership Services




July 22, 2021

Approval of MFDA Continuing Education (CE) Requirements

In March, 2018, the MFDA published, for a 90-day comment period, proposed Rules 1.2 (Definitions), and 1.2.6 (Continuing Education), and Proposed Policy No. 9 – Continuing Education (CE) Requirements, which would establish CE requirements for Members and Approved Persons, and minimum standards for complying with such requirements (see Bulletin #0743-P).

Subsequently, the MFDA engaged in further consultation, and provided Members and Approved Persons with status updates on various aspects of this initiative (see, for example, Bulletins #0788-P, #0793-P, #0808-P, and #0818-P).

The Rule and Policy proposals noted above have received all required approvals and will become effective on December 1, 2021.

MFDA Rules and Policies, as revised may be viewed at www.mfda.ca.

Attached as Appendix A is a summary of the comments received on MFDA Policy No. 9.

Appendix “A”