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Completed Hearings

Regarding Location Date of Issue Document Type
O’Brien, Joshua
File No. 202078
Labrador City, NL March 2, 2022 News Release (MFDA Hearing Panel issues Reasons for Decision in the matter of Joshua O’Brien)
March 1, 2022 Reasons For Decision
December 9, 2021 News Release (MFDA Hearing Panel accepts settlement agreement with Joshua O’Brien)
December 9, 2021 Order
December 3, 2021 News Release (MFDA announces settlement hearing to take place in the matter of Joshua O’Brien)
December 1, 2021 Settlement Agreement
October 6, 2021 News Release (MFDA Panel adjourns Settlement Hearing in the matter of Joshua O’Brien)
October 6, 2021 Order
September 1, 2021 News Release (MFDA issues Notice of Settlement Hearing in respect of Joshua O’Brien)
August 23, 2021 Notice of Settlement Hearing