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Securities Sold Outside the Dealer

All securities related business must be conducted by an advisor through their dealer. Do not invest your money if you believe that an advisor is offering you securities outside of the dealer. Some signs that you are being offered securities outside the dealer are:

  • Being presented with documentation that you feel is unusual or does not appear professional.
  • Being told that an offer is a “special deal” or “side deal” or similar statements that indicate that an investment is “special” and “secret”.
  • Being asked to write a cheque payable to a person or unknown company.
  • The advisor promotes the investment as something that “those in the know” (e.g. the wealthy, Bay Street bankers, etc.) invest in or typically have access to.

If you believe that you are being offered a security outside the dealer, or if you are generally unsure about the investment, do not invest. Contact your advisor’s dealer to inquire whether the particular investment is approved for sale by the dealer.