MFDA Households and Assets Under Administration by Province

Breakdown of assets under administration by Province, excluding non-canadian households

Households and Assets under Administration by Province, excluding non-canadian households
Province/TerritoryHouseholdsAssets Under Administration
Alberta963,000 Households$70.4 Billion AUA
British Columbia1.19 Million Households$91.1 Billion AUA
Manitoba312,000 Households$24.1 Billion AUA
New Brunswick156,000 Households$10.3 Billion AUA
Newfoundland and Labrador100,000 Households$6.6 Billion AUA
Northwest Territories8,000 Households$555 Million
Nova Scotia216,000 Households$14.5 Billion AUA
Nunavut2,000 Households$123 Million
Ontario3.66 Million Households$253.8 Billion AUA
Prince Edward Island33,000 Households$1.96 Billion AUA
Quebec1.85 Million Households$129.9 Billion
Saskatchewan285,000 Households$23.8 Billion AUA
Yukon9,000 Households$617 Million AUA

A majority of Canadians rely on MFDA Members for financial advice. MFDA Members and their advisors manage approximately $700 billion in client assets and provide financial advice to 9 million Canadian households. These 9 million households represent over half of the households in Canada, and 83% of these households have less than $100,000 in financial assets.