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MFDA Welcomes Ontario Securities Commission Seniors Strategy

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Ian Strulovitch
Director, Communications & Public Affairs and Senior Legal Counsel

MFDA Welcomes Ontario Securities Commission Seniors Strategy

March 20, 2018 (Toronto, Ontario) – The Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada welcomes the Ontario Securities Commissions Seniors Strategy and is pleased to support its goal of fostering a stronger and more secure financial future for older investors.

“The MFDA has and will maintain a focus on senior investors given that 3.6 million households serviced by MFDA Members are approaching or are in retirement. The MFDA is pleased that the OSC Seniors Strategy reflects the various initiatives that the MFDA has undertaken to protect senior investors. The OSC Seniors Strategy acknowledges the necessity for cooperation among regulators in this area and the MFDA welcomes the opportunity to continue to work collaboratively with the OSC and other regulatory partners to protect seniors,” said MFDA President and CEO Mark Gordon.

The MFDA will also be issuing guidance for dealers and advisors on best practices for better protecting and serving senior clients, and to mark Seniors Month in June, the MFDA will issue its next investor bulletin with a focus on seniors’ issues and investor protection.

In addition, the MFDA conducts periodic Seniors Summits attended by Members, regulators, investor advocates, and industry and investor associations where various specialists and subject matter experts provide practical advice on dealing with the issues and challenges faced by dealers and advisors in servicing senior clients such as:

  • advising during the de-accumulation phase and addressing longevity risk
  • assisting clients with diminished capacity
  • identifying and preventing financial abuse and undue influence

A webcast of the Seniors Summit is available on the MFDA website.

Going forward with the MFDA’s proposed continuing education initiative we will continue to explore opportunities to strengthen and enhance advisor proficiency and education relating to seniors issues such as the ones set out above.

For further information on seniors and investor protection the MFDA encourages all investors to visit the Seniors’ Section of the MFDA website where investors can find links to resources for seniors organized by Province and Territory, as well as links to investor education resources from the MFDA, its regulatory partners, and other organizations.

The MFDA is the self-regulatory organization for Canadian mutual fund dealers, regulating the operations, standards of practice and business conduct of its Members and their approximately 83,000 Approved Persons with a mandate to protect investors and the public interest. For more information about the MFDA’s complaint and enforcement processes, as well as links to ‘Check an Advisor’ and other Investor Tools, visit the For Investors page on the MFDA website.

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