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Ken Woodard

Director, Communications & Membership Services

(416) 943-4602

MSN - 0083

Nov 25, 2014

Account Statement Disclosure Respecting MFDA IPC Coverage

MFDA Staff Notices are intended to assist Members and their Approved Persons in the interpretation, application of and compliance with requirements under MFDA By-laws and Rules. Notices make reference to these requirements and set out MFDA staff's interpretation of how to comply with these requirements. Notices may also include best practices or guidance.

Under proposed MFDA Rule 5.3.2(e), each account statement must include disclosure, as prescribed by the Rule, respecting MFDA Investor Protection Corporation (“IPC”) coverage. The Board of the MFDA IPC has approved the following wording for the purpose of satisfying disclosure requirements under the proposed Rule:

“Customers’ accounts are protected by the MFDA Investor Protection Corporation (“IPC”) within specific limits. Customers with accounts in Quebec are generally not covered by the IPC. Please refer to the IPC Coverage Policy on the website at for a description of the nature and limits of coverage, or contact the IPC at 1-888-466-6332.”

The above-noted disclosure will be required to be included on Member account statements as of July 15, 2015 when Rule 5.3.2(e) becomes effective.