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Bulletin #0846-C

For further information, please contact:

Brett Konyu
Director, Member Education and Membership Services
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Mutual Fund Dealers Association – 2021 Client Research Project

The MFDA’s Client Research Projects have provided the MFDA with valuable information and insight into Member business and trends and changes within the industry. In order to assist in performing our regulatory activities and to promote knowledge and understanding of the important role our Members have in the wealth management industry, we will be issuing another request for information in 2021 relating to information reported to clients in 2020.

Member and System Provider Outreach

To proactively address issues and improve the process, we will be contacting Members who historically have experienced challenges in providing the data, as well as third party system providers. We ask that each Member designate a contact person who will be directly responsible for overseeing production of the client data. The designated contact person should be able to understand if the data being produced is accurate, answer questions about how the data is being produced and dialogue with MFDA staff on the technical aspects of producing the data requested. As part of the data request, we will also be providing further guidance for Members to consider before submitting the requested information to the MFDA.

Data Request

The MFDA intends on issuing a mandatory data request in early 2021 and will be collaborating with the Autorité des marchés financiers to obtain data relating to all MFDA Member business across Canada.

The deadline to submit data will be in mid-2021. Appendix A describes the process for completing the data request and Appendix B provides additional guidance and instructions regarding the data file templates. Please note that in order to increase the security of the data, all data submissions, including those that have been anonymized, must be encrypted in accordance with MFDA requirements prior to submission. Members should review this information with their operations staff and system providers.

Members and system providers that have any questions regarding this request are encouraged to contact Brett Konyu, Director, Member Education and Membership Services at (416) 943-4609 or