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Bulletin #0097-P

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Amendment to MFDA Rule 3.5.1 (Filing Requirements)

The MFDA Board of Directors and the recognizing securities commissions have approved a housekeeping amendment to MFDA Rule 3.5.1(a). The amended Rule, as attached, is effective immediately.

Rule 3.5.1(a) provided that a Member must file monthly financial reports to the MFDA as at the end of each fiscal month. Some Members may be better able to report financial information at a date that differs from its fiscal month end, and this information may be more consistent with, and representative of, other MFDA Members.

The amendment to MFDA Rule 3.5.1 was made to provide MFDA staff with the ability to allow Members to file monthly financial reports with respect to a period that may not coincide with the Member’s fiscal month end.



MFDA Rule 3.5.1 (Filing Requirements – Monthly and Annual)

On June 18, 2004, the Board of Directors of the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada made and enacted the following amendment to Rule 3.5.1:

  1. 3.5.1 Monthly and Annual. Each Member shall:
    1. file monthly with the Corporation within 20 business days of the month’s end a copy of a financial report of the Member as at the end of each fiscal month or at such other date as may be agreed with the Corporation. Such monthly financial reports shall contain or be accompanied by such information as may be prescribed by the Corporation from time to time; and
    2. file annually with the Corporation two copies of the audited financial statements of the member as at the end of the Member’s fiscal year or as at such other fixed date as may be agreed with the Corporation. Such statements shall be in such form, shall contain such information and shall be supplemented by such additional schedules as the Corporation may from time to time prescribe, and shall be filed through the member’s auditor within 90 days of the date as of which such statements are required to be prepared;