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Bulletin #0120-M

Membership Information
Agreements of Approved Persons

Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada
Association canadienne des courtiers de fonds mutuels
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Contact: David Liptrott

BULLETIN #0120 – M
Senior Membership Services Coordinator

January 7, 2005
Phone: 416-943-4668

MFDA Bulletin

Membership Information
For Distribution to Relevant Parties within your Firm

Agreements of Approved Persons

This Bulletin is being issued to remind Members of their obligations with respect to obtaining
signed Agreements of Approved Persons.

Under MFDA Rule 1.2.1(b), Members are required to ensure that each Approved Person who
conducts any business on behalf of the Member executes and delivers to the Member the
prescribed Agreement of Approved Person. The prescribed form is available in pdf format on the
MFDA website at

The Agreement of Approved Persons is included as a schedule to the Membership Application.
Staff understand that some Members have interpreted the requirement to apply only in respect of
Approved Persons that were registered with the Member at the time of applying for membership
in the MFDA. However, Members should note that this requirement also applies to each
Approved Person that subsequently joins or has joined the Member. If the Approved Person has
already executed such an agreement in relation to his or her previous approval through another
Member, the requirement under Rule 1.2.1(b) may be satisfied by obtaining a copy of the
Agreement of Approved Person previously executed by the Approved Person or by requiring the
Approved Person to execute a new Agreement of Approved Person. The Approved Person and
the Member must each ensure that the prescribed form has been signed before the individual
transacts any business on behalf of the Member. Failure to comply with this requirement may
result in enforcement proceedings.

(doc #39757v1A)
I acknowledge that I am an Approved Person in
(print or type full name)
respect of an applicant for membership in the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of
Canada (the “MFDA”) or a member of the MFDA, (“Member Firm”, which term
includes any other member of the MFDA in respect of which I am approved from time to
time), and hereby agree:
to notify the Member Firm of which I am an Approved Person in writing of any
change in information relating to me as an Approved Person as prescribed by any
applicable law or any by-law, rule or policy of the MFDA (herein referred to as
the “MFDA Rules”);
to be bound by, observe and comply with the MFDA Rules as they are from time
to time amended or supplemented;
that I am conversant with the MFDA Rules, and to keep myself fully informed
about the MFDA Rules as they are amended or supplemented from time to time;
to submit to the jurisdiction of the MFDA and, wherever applicable, the Board of
Directors, officers, committees and councils thereof.
In the event of my termination or suspension as an Approved Person in respect of
a Member Firm, I agree forthwith to terminate my association with the Member Firm and
thereafter not to accept employment with or perform services of any kind for any other
Member Firm unless registered and approved in accordance with applicable laws and the
MFDA Rules.
I acknowledge and consent that the MFDA may obtain any information
whatsoever from any source, as permitted by law in any jurisdiction in Canada or
DATED at__________________ this ________ day of ______________20____.
Signature of Approved Person
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