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Bulletin #0232-M

Membership Information
Search Feature Added to MFDA Website (

Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada
Association canadienne des courtiers de fonds mutuels
121 King Street West, Suite 1000, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 3T9
TEL: 416-361-6332 FAX: 416-943-1218 WEBSITE:

Contact: Ken Woodard
BULLETIN #0232 – M
Director, Communications & Membership Services
November 6, 2006
Phone: 416-943-4602

MFDA Bulletin

Membership Information

For Distribution to Relevant Parties within your Firm

Search Feature Added to MFDA Website (

We are pleased to announce that a search feature is now available on the MFDA website.

The search feature is a keyword search. To use, enter one or more keywords or a phrase in quotes
into the search box located on the top right side of each page and press the “Go” button. Search
results will be displayed on a separate page in order of relevance. Search results can be further
filtered by category using the links in the left-hand column or the drop down list at the top of the
results page.

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