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Bulletin #0369-M

Membership Information
2008 Year in Review

Contact: Jason
BULLETIN #0369 – M
Corporate Secretary
April 24, 2009
Phone: 416-943-7431

MFDA Bulletin
Membership Information

For Distribution to Relevant Parties within your Firm

2008 Year in Review
Each year, the MFDA issues a wide range of communications to Members dealing with its core
regulatory activities in the areas of compliance, enforcement and policy. The communications
are generally distributed by e-mail and/or posted to the MFDA website.

The 2008 Year in Review, a compilation of significant regulatory information circulated to
Members during the calendar year 2008, has been posted to the "For Members" section of the
MFDA website. It contains summary statistics as well as links to previously posted documents in
order to provide Members and other interested readers with easy access to MFDA regulatory
information issued in 2008.

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