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Bulletin #0410-M

Membership Information
Annual General Meeting of Members

Contact: Jason
BULLETIN #0410 – M
Corporate Secretary
November 11, 2009
Phone: 416-943-7431

MFDA Bulletin

Membership Information

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Annual General Meeting of Members

By MFDA Bulletin #401-M dated October 5, 2009, the MFDA advised of the results of the
Special Meeting of Members held on October 2, 2009 indicating the confirmation by Members
of By-law No. 15 to be effective subject to corporate and regulatory approvals. On October 9,
2009 a Member, Partners in Planning Financial Services Inc., filed with the British Columbia
Securities Commission a Notice of Request for Review of Decision in respect of the MFDA's
revisions to its By-law No. 1 as a result of the confirmation of By-law No. 15. As a result of the
filing of the Request for Review and the time required to have the matter heard, the MFDA has
not been in a position to determine whether By-law No. 15 can be expected to be effective for
the 2009 Annual General Meeting or whether it should proceed on another basis.
Accordingly, the Board of Directors has determined that the best course of action in the public
interest and the convenience of Members is to defer calling the Annual General Meeting of
Members proposed for December 3, 2009 to a later date. The MFDA will monitor the
circumstances relating to the process initiated by the Request for Review and By-law No. 15 and
determine an appropriate date and time for the meeting. Notice of such date will be given as far
in advance as possible.

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