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Bulletin #0421-M

Membership Information
Annual General Meeting of Members

Contact: Jason
BULLETIN #0421 – M
Corporate Secretary
January 25, 2010
Phone: 416-943-7431


MFDA Bulletin

Membership Information

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Annual General Meeting of Members

The MFDA will hold its Annual General Meeting of Members (“AGM”) on Thursday, March 4,
2010 at 11:00 a.m. (Eastern) at the St. Andrew’s Club and Conference Centre, 150 King Street
West, 27th Floor, Toronto, Ontario.

By Bulletin #0410-M dated November 11, 2009, the MFDA advised that the Board of Directors
had determined, in light of the status of proposed By-law No. 15, the best course of action in the
public interest and the convenience of Members was to defer calling the 2009 AGM to a later
date. By-law No. 15 has not been approved by the relevant regulators and the Board is of the
view that it is in order in the circumstances to hold an AGM under the current By-laws as soon
as practically possible.

Accordingly, the Board has called an AGM to be held on March 4, 2010 at the time and place
indicated above. While recognizing that an early meeting is desirable, the MFDA is mindful of
the fact that Members require time to plan attendance and prepare for the meeting, and that a
meeting in February would not be convenient for many Members (the conclusion of RRSP
season and the Vancouver Olympics being considerations).

A formal Notice of Meeting will be sent to Members, along with information relevant to the
business to be conducted at the AGM, in due course.

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