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Bulletin #0430-P

Guide to Creating a Summary of Member Complaint Handling Procedures

Contact: Sheila
BULLETIN #0430 – P
Director, Case Assessment
April 6, 2010
Phone: 416-943-7443

MFDA Bulletin
For Distribution to Relevant Parties within your Firm

Guide to Creating a Summary of Member Complaint Handling Procedures
The MFDA has prepared a reference guide to assist Members in the development of a summary
of their complaint handling procedures, which is required pursuant to the revised Policy No. 3
“Complaint Handling, Supervisory Investigations and Internal Discipline.”
Under Policy No. 3, Members must provide a summary of their internal complaint handling
processes to new clients on account opening, and as part of the initial response to all complaints
that are subject to the Additional Complaint Handling Requirements under Part II of the Policy
(“the summary”). The summary must be written in a manner that can be clearly understood by
clients. The summary should clearly identify from a client perspective the steps the Member will
take to investigate and analyze the case, the communications that the client will receive during
the process and the general timelines expected for the receipt of a substantive response to their
complaint. The summary must be posted on any website maintained by the Member.
The guide is intended to assist Members in drafting the summary of their complaint handling
procedures. A sample summary is included as Appendix A to the guide.
The guide can be found on the Members Only Site in the Compliance Practitioners Manual.
DM #206312