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Bulletin #0514-C

MFDA Sales Compliance Examination Cycle

Contact: Ken
BULLETIN #0514 – C
Director, Communications & Membership Services
December 19, 2011
Phone: 416-943-4602

MFDA Bulletin


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MFDA Sales Compliance Examination Cycle

The MFDA will be amending its Sales Compliance examination process to further integrate a
risk-based methodology. Beginning in January 2012, the MFDA intends to perform routine
examinations of Members on a 2 or 4-year cycle based on an assessment of risk factors. These
factors are reviewed on an ongoing basis and it is possible for a Member’s examination cycle to

The MFDA regularly assesses its examination cycles and examination process and may make
changes in the future where appropriate.

In addition to the routine examinations, the MFDA will continue its practice of performing
targeted examinations focusing on specific matters.

Members should consult the Members Only section of the MFDA website for further
information on their risk score, sales examination cycle and the Compliance Manager assigned to
their firm.

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