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Bulletin #0565-M

Membership Information
MFDA Small Dealer Forum

Contact: Ken Woodard
Director, Membership Services and Communications
April 4, 2013
Phone: (416) 943-4602

MFDA Bulletin

Membership Information

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MFDA Small Dealer Forum

The MFDA currently seeks stakeholder input on the development of its regulatory policy and
other initiatives through various means including working groups and committees, meetings with
industry and investor associations, discussion papers and the public comment process.

The MFDA would like to outreach to smaller MFDA Members and provide a forum to discuss
issues of particular interest and concern. The forum would provide an opportunity for smaller
Member firms to meet with MFDA staff to discuss and provide comment on a variety of matters,
including regulatory and policy initiatives, industry trends and practices. This dialogue would
also further assist staff in understanding the impact of proposed regulatory initiatives on smaller
Member firms.

We are currently seeking representatives of smaller Member firms that would be interested in
participating in such a forum. Individuals interested in participating should provide their name
together with the name of their Member firm to Ken Woodard (Director, Membership Services
and Communications).

Electronically at:
Or By facsimile: (416) 943-1218

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