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Bulletin #0598-P

Applications for Membership on Policy Advisory Committee

Contact: Paige L. Ward
General Counsel, Corporate Secretary and Vice-President, Policy
March 20, 2014
Phone: (416) 943-5838

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Applications for Membership on Policy Advisory Committee

The MFDA is currently seeking applications for new members to fill vacancies on its Policy
Advisory Committee (“PAC”). The deadline for applications is April 18, 2014.

Mandate of the PAC

The principal functions of the PAC are as follows:

1. To provide advice to MFDA staff on a variety of matters, including regulatory and policy
initiatives and industry trends and practices.
2. At the request of MFDA staff, provide advice and comment on the legal, regulatory and
market implications of any aspect of MFDA Rules, By-laws, Policies and operations.

Appointment Criteria

The MFDA President and Chief Executive Officer selects the members of the PAC based on the
recommendation of MFDA staff.

Members of the PAC are senior compliance staff of MFDA Members selected with a view to
ensuring that the PAC is reasonably representative of the diversity of MFDA Membership.

Individuals appointed to the PAC should have an excellent knowledge of securities law and
mutual fund regulation. Expertise in an area of special interest to the MFDA at the time an
appointment is made may also be a factor in selection. Members of the PAC are expected to have
excellent technical abilities and a strong interest in the development of securities regulatory
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MFDA staff expects the PAC will meet at least quarterly. Committee members are expected to
attend (in person or by conference call) all meetings of the PAC and to volunteer time to assist
MFDA staff in accordance with the mandate of the PAC.

Application Process

Qualified individuals interested in serving on the PAC should forward an up-to-date résumé
together with a brief covering letter outlining relevant industry experience to the attention of:

Paige L. Ward

By Mail:
Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada
121 King Street West
Standard Life Centre
Suite 1000
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 3T9

Or Electronically at:

Or By facsimile: (416) 943-1218

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