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Bulletin #0772-M

For further information, please contact:

Ken Woodard
Director, Communications & Membership Services
Membership Information
For Distribution to Relevant Parties within your Firm

MFDA Warns of Fraudulent Phishing Emails Targeting MFDA Members

MFDA Members recently reported receiving suspicious emails purported to be from a file transfer protocol (“FTP”) site called “” stating that the MFDA has sent a file. The email references the “Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada, February Review” and includes a purported PDF document titled “MFDA.pdf”. This email was not generated by the MFDA and Members should not open the attachment. The MFDA reminds Members that attachments from unknown sources should not be opened unless cleared by your network security provider.

The email contains red flags of potential fraud, including:

  • An email domain listed as “” which is not a legitimate registered domain;
  • A mailing address stated in the email which is not the current address of Files To Friends;
  • A sense of urgency with an expiring link;
  • The copyright is outdated; and
  • “Files To Friends” is not a service used by the MFDA.

Phishing scams are attempts at trying to obtain private personal or financial information by asking that you provide it in a reply email, by clicking on a link to a website that imitates a legitimate website or by opening an attachment. Members that receive suspicious emails from an unknown source should use caution before replying to the sender or opening any links or attachments.

If a Member or Approved Person receives a suspicious email or communication appearing to be from the MFDA or using the MFDA’s name, the Member should contact Membership Services at or 1-888-466-6332.