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The MFDA seeks preliminary comment on material policy initiatives in order to ensure that stakeholder views and comments are considered at an early stage in policy development process. Comment on material policy proposals is sought through various means, including consultation papers. In these papers, MFDA staff will advise stakeholders of the nature of the initiative, the regulatory rationale for the initiative and any alternatives being considered and will solicit comment on the initiative before the proposal is finalized. All comment letters received will be published to the MFDA website, unless MFDA staff receives a request from the commenter asking that their letter not be made public.

MFDA Consultation Paper on Account Transfers

On June 1, 2020, the MFDA issued Bulletin #0823-P as part of a broad industry consultation with all stakeholders, including mutual fund companies and service providers, with a view to improving the account transfer process. The comment period ended September 29, 2020.