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Bulletin #0257-M

Investor Alert
Suspicious Investment Scheme Operating in Manitoba

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BULLETIN #0257 – M
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April 24, 2007
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Investor Alert – Suspicious Investment Scheme Operating in Manitoba

The MFDA has been notified of an Investor Alert released by the Manitoba Securities
Commission (“MSC”).

The MSC issued a warning about a suspicious investment scheme being offered to Manitoba
residents in the city of Brandon and surrounding rural communities. The scheme is promoted at
free public seminars. Attendees are told that they can join an organization for a fee that then
allows them to learn about and access a system to become "portfolio account managers" and
restructure their assets through a variety of methods including opportunities in the precious
metals industry, consumer debt or capital markets, environmental projects and international
mutual funds.

The MSC is currently investigating this issue and hopes that this alert will encourage investors to
thoroughly examine any investment opportunities they are considering.

Details on this suspicious investment scheme can be found on the Manitoba Securities
Commission website at .

(doc # 108257)