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Bulletin #0312-P

MFDA Policy Advisory Committee - New Members

Contact: Paige
BULLETIN #0312 – P
Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs
June 11, 2008
Phone: 416-943-5838
E-mail: [email protected]

MFDA Bulletin


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MFDA Policy Advisory Committee – New Members

The MFDA Policy Advisory Committee (“PAC”) provides advice, comments and reports to
MFDA staff on a variety of matters including regulatory and policy initiatives and industry
trends and practices. Members of the PAC are selected with a view to ensuring that the PAC is
reasonably representative of MFDA membership.

The purpose of this Bulletin is to advise of the appointment of two new members of the PAC.
These individuals have recently been appointed as Regional Council Chairs in the Atlantic and
Pacific Regions and are ex officio members of the PAC. The two new members are:
• David Losier, Acadia Financial Services Inc.
• Larry Neilsen, Phillips, Hager & North Investment Funds Ltd.

Members of the PAC:

Jeanne Beverly
TD Investment Services Inc.
David Cheop
Investors Group Financial Services Inc.
Ann David

Royal Mutual Funds Inc.
Terry Ford
Partners in Planning Financial Services Ltd.
Don Keller
Worldsource Financial Management Inc.
Frank Laferriere
Berkshire Investment Group Inc.
Darcy M. Lake
BMO Investments Inc.
8. Christopher Marrese
Sun Life Financial Investment Services (Canada) Inc.
9. Sean McGratten
Dundee Private Investors Inc.
10. Susan Monk
PEAK Investment Services Inc.
11. Ian Moorhouse
Independent Accountants’ Investment Group Inc.
12. Renée Piette
National Bank Securities Inc.