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Bulletin #0763-C

For further information, please contact:

Brett Konyu
Director, Member Education and Membership Services
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Cybersecurity Assessment Program

Cybersecurity is a key initiative in the MFDA 2018-2022 Strategic Plan. The MFDA’s 2018 Compliance and Member Education Priorities bulletin stated that the MFDA will focus efforts on Members who may require further guidance and assistance to strengthen their cybersecurity practices.

In 2017, MFDA retained a consultant to undertake a survey of all Members and provide each of them with individualized reports that identified areas for improvement. To build on the results of this survey, the MFDA has once again retained a cybersecurity consultant to perform interactive assessments of the cybersecurity capabilities and readiness of Members (the “Cybersecurity Assessment Program”) with the objective of providing Members further guidance and support to improve their cybersecurity practices.

The Cybersecurity Assessment Program will be offered in phases starting with the smallest Members first. We will be contacting Members to determine if they wish to participate in this initiative. However, Members who would like to volunteer may contact us at any time to express their interest and obtain further details. MFDA strongly encourages Members to take advantage of this program. However, participation is voluntary.

If you have any questions, please contact Brett Konyu, Manager, Member Education at (416) 943-4609 or