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Bulletin #0828-M

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Brett Konyu
Director, Member Education and Membership Services
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MFDA Technology Webinar Series

One of the key initiatives in the MFDA 2018-2022 Strategic Plan is to support Member technological innovation. Starting this summer, the MFDA will partner with various industry participants to host a series of webinars on technological and service innovations, including those designed to assist in interacting and servicing clients remotely. Proposed sessions will address such things as:

  • Electronic processing capabilities relating to electronic signatures and account transfers particularly in the client name environment;
  • Cybersecurity risks and issues for mutual fund dealers;
  • Legal and regulatory issues when dealing with clients remotely; and
  • An overview of the RegTech/FinTech landscape in the financial services industry.

Each session will be approximately 1-2 hours in length and will have a focus on small to medium sized Members although all Members are welcome to attend. We also encourage Members to contact us if they have ideas or suggestions for future webinars.

We will be issuing Bulletins providing further updates and details for each session as they are finalized.