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Bulletin #0830-M

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MFDA Technology Webinar Series: Cybersecurity Assessment Program

As part of the MFDA Technology Webinar series, MFDA will host a 60 minute session with NPC DataGuard (NPC) on the Cybersecurity Assessment Program on Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 2 p.m. ET. The Cybersecurity Assessment Program (Program) was performed in 2019 and comprised interactive assessments of the cybersecurity capabilities and readiness of Members, with the objective of providing Members further guidance and support to improve their cybersecurity practices.

In this webinar, NPC, the consultant that was retained by MFDA to conduct the Program, will hold a non-technical discussion that focuses on the most common findings from the Program and recommendations on how to address these weaknesses to ensure protection at this time of increased threat. 


  • MFDA Cybersecurity Assessment Program Results
  • Most Common Security and Governance Weaknesses
  • Cyber Security and Policies Overview
  • Best Security Practices to Address the Key Issues


Larry Keating, President

Larry Keating is the president of NPC DataGuard. Through NPC, he invented and brought to market his industry’s first secure managed endpoint computing solution. A technology entrepreneur, he has served in various roles for government and industry advising on technology and data security for more than 30 years.

Darren Mar, National Accounts Manager

For the past ten years Darren Mar has specialized in helping financial advisors and advisor offices secure their business and client data through a consultative approach to ongoing cyber resilience. With an emphasis on education, Darren works with advisors both in Canada and the U.S. His career start in technology was with an SAP consulting firm in the late 2000s, helping small and medium size businesses maximize their investment in SAP.

To register, please complete the online registration form that will redirect you to the NPC website.